Natural Process / Slow Drying Natural - Minimum Use of Water


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This is our Great Natural Process Coffee.
100% Colombian Coffee.
Variety: Caturra
Producer: Suelo Santo
Elevation: 5118 F.A.S.L
Picking: Manual


Fragance and Aroma: 

Fruity- Berries- Liquorice


Taste / Aftertaste:

Hazelnut - Liquorice -Kiwi

Dense Body- Malic acidity

Fully ripe, grape or purple color



100 HR in cherry with controlled temperature.

Floating on water tank; eliminate floaters

Keep temp under control at less than 40 centigrade

Cut down superficial moisture fast and then dry up slowly

For bigger volume treatments control layer thickness (1 inch or 20kg/m2)



Longer; slow drying under partial shade

Turning up faster during first stage of drying 3 first days- covering at night, spreading in the morning in thin layers, 1 inch thick)



At Long term in Grainpro Bags inside Yute bags


11 sacks available, each 35 kil or 77 pounds FOB Colombia