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Welcome to Hortiprocess Company, your premier partner for importing exquisite cut flowers from Ecuador and Colombia to destinations across the United States. We specialize in delivering superior floral products with a focus on freshness, quality, and meticulous attention to every detail of the logistics process.

Expert Sourcing and Selection: At Hortiprocess Company, we have established direct relationships with top-tier growers in Ecuador and Colombia renowned for their exceptional flowers. Our team rigorously selects each bloom based on stringent criteria to ensure that only the finest specimens are chosen for our clients.

Efficient Transportation and Logistics: From the moment the flowers are carefully harvested, Hortiprocess Company takes charge of the logistics chain with precision. We leverage efficient air freight arrangements to swiftly transport shipments to various airports across the United States, optimizing freshness and minimizing transit time.

Comprehensive Customs Clearance: Navigating the complexities of international trade, our experienced logistics team manages all aspects of customs clearance and compliance. We ensure that all shipments meet regulatory standards and are processed smoothly, guaranteeing seamless transit from origin to final destination.

Tailored Delivery Solutions: Understanding the unique requirements of our clients, Hortiprocess Company offers tailored delivery solutions to different airports throughout the United States. Whether it’s a major metropolitan area or a regional hub, we provide flexible delivery options to meet our customers' needs.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: At Hortiprocess Company, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering an exceptional experience with every shipment, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality cut flowers promptly and reliably.

Contact Us: Experience the excellence of Hortiprocess Company for your floral import needs. Whether you are a floral retailer, event planner, or wholesaler, we are here to exceed your expectations with our reliable service and superior floral products.


Cut Flowers Import Services

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