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Import Services Fresh Flowers

Import Services Fresh Flowers

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Hortiprocess Company specializes in importing premium fresh flowers from Ecuador and Colombia to destinations across the United States. Our comprehensive services ensure timely delivery of superior floral products while maintaining the highest standards of quality and freshness.

Expert Sourcing and Selection: We source our fresh flowers directly from trusted growers in Ecuador and Colombia known for their exceptional quality and variety. Each bloom is carefully selected to meet our stringent criteria for freshness, beauty, and longevity.

Efficient Transportation and Logistics: From farm to destination, Hortiprocess Company manages all aspects of the logistics chain with precision. We leverage efficient air freight solutions to transport shipments swiftly to various airports across the United States, minimizing transit times and ensuring optimal freshness upon arrival.

Customs Clearance and Compliance: Navigating international trade regulations seamlessly, our experienced team handles all customs clearance procedures. We ensure compliance with import regulations and manage documentation to facilitate smooth processing and delivery.

Tailored Delivery Options: Understanding the diverse needs of our clients, Hortiprocess Company offers flexible delivery options to different airports throughout the United States. Whether it's a major metropolitan area or a regional hub, we provide reliable delivery solutions tailored to meet specific timelines and preferences.

Commitment to Excellence: At Hortiprocess Company, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in every shipment. Our commitment to quality control, reliable logistics, and personalized customer service ensures that our clients receive fresh flowers of the highest caliber with every order.

Contact Us: Experience the reliability and quality of Hortiprocess Company for your fresh flower imports. Whether you are a floral retailer, event planner, or wholesaler, trust us to exceed your expectations with our professional import services.

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