Tierra de Leyendas

The passion for coffee began three generations ago, the beginnings were in the mountains of Gracias (Town inn Honduras), Lempira, on the land of our grandparents. 

"Gracias is a small Honduran town/municipality that was founded in 1536, and is the capital of Lempira Department. The municipality has a population of 61,421 and the town a population of 18,550. It is located in the mountainous center of western Honduras" 

It was empirically with the sole intention of growing coffee for personal and family consumption; but not stayed there, but many people began to acquire our coffee.

Years advanced and my parents moved to another region, where we grew everything kind of fruit trees but the passion for growing coffee,always remained and was just as we found a special area in the mountains of Comayagua acquiring eight acres of land and the desire to grow good coffee, and that`s how we learned little by little, looking for the ideal plants, planting density, fruit care and always improving the harvest process.

Our growth has been with many challenges, always with the mission of having a coffee high quality; the production of these eight apples were not enough, we increased our cultivation areas but mobilizing coffee has always been one of the greatest difficulties in the area due to the little road infrastructure, so we decided look for another area where we could grow more coffee and we found this beautiful place in Siguatepeque, we saw it, we visited it many times, dreaming of everything that we could achieve, and years later our dream came true and we acquired our new Tierra de Leyendas home, name that up to that moment arose and we have positioned as our brand nationally and internationally.

Ninety years have passed since that beginning in Gracias, Lempira, and we are grateful to our Lord because he is the one who has always guided our steps, so start empirically now we are more technical, our processes we take them with greater care of the fruit, in addition to ensuring the well-being of all our employees, collectors and their families doing projection community.

Our vision remains the same, to provide the best cup of coffee, and the best fruit for our overseas buyers. We are in the best position since we have managed to help a group of producer friends in our region who have embracing the same vision, ``Providing the best cup of coffee`` for what we are now Land of Legends Cooperative. We are convinced that we can promote Honduran coffee to a prestigious level world so our story still continues, thank you for being part of our dream.

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