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K-Cups I Honey Colombian Special Limited Editions

K-Cups I Honey Colombian Special Limited Editions

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Our Farm:

Koral is located in the town of Ulloa, Valle del Cauca in Colombia, a region that is part of the Coffee Cultural Landscape declared by UNESCO.

Farmer: Giovanni Rincon

HASL: 4620 Ft

Origin: Ulloa, Valle del Cauca

Quality Program: 100 % Colombian Coffee

Certified: Fair Trade

Varietals: Castillo and Cenicafé 1.

Due to the richness of its aromas and flavors, we only grow arabica coffee. In order to comply with the Colombian coffee cup profile, and following the indications of the world-renowned Center for Coffee Research (CENICAFE), we grow 2 varieties of coffee, catillo and Cenicafe 1.

These varieties are resistant to diseases such as rust and cherry disease, which reduces the probability of using fungicides in the crop, allowing us to be more environmentally friendly and respectful with the end consumer.

Process: Honey/Pulped Natural Coffee

When done right, honey processed coffee can literally taste like someone has put honey and brown sugar in your cup of coffee – although the name actually comes from how sticky the beans get during processing.

In many ways, this type of coffee is halfway between a washed coffee and a natural process coffee: it’s fruity, but not in as exaggerated a way as some naturals. It often has a more rounded acidity than washed coffees, with intense sweetness and complex mouthfeel.

The honey process is strongly associated with Costa Rica and, in recent years, subcategories have developed: yellow, red, golden, black, and white honey. This reflects the ability this process has to influence the taste and overall profile of a coffee.

It can become a highly scientific process, as the level of mucilage – which influences the sweetness and depth of body of the coffee – is monitored and controlled. Typically, the more mucilage left on the bean, the sweeter the taste.

Chain custody and traceability:

Produccion: Koral Farm

Colombian Export: Hortiprocess SAS

Import USA: Hortiprocess LLC

Roasted By: Hortiprocess LLC

We currently have five Colombian Origins, at different levels of roasting.

Coffee producing regions by tradition and each with a very different flavor profile.

We have developed different presentations that adjust to the needs of each consumer.

You can find our coffee beans or ground coffee packed in the following sizes:

2.5 Oz x 40 Count

16 Oz

80 Oz

K cup compatible Keurig x 12, 24, 48, 100

Our Origins and Editions of Special Coffee, will be being changed every month or every new availability of coffee.

delicately roasted, preserving the best characteristics of the grain, representing the effort and dedication of each farmer.

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