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Passion Fruit Case Per 5 Pounds Free Shipping

Passion Fruit Case Per 5 Pounds Free Shipping

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This is a great project for the development and diversification of fruit production at a regional level in the country and is registered with the United States Office of Agriculture.

Directed and Developed by an Agronomist Engineer from the National University of Colombia, who has dedicated his professional life to the development and improvement of tropical fruits.

Passion Fruit Crops have established all the rules for compliance with good agricultural practices and social and environmental responsibility.

This great production process in the country has many advantages for lovers of fresh fruits.


Farm to Home: a process that guarantees fresh fruit from harvest to your home in a minimum of days.


Not irradiated: We know how important it is to control the fruit fly and we also know that only a few countries have authorization to export passion flowers to the United States, but in order to comply with the standard, they must irradiate the fruits. 


Our Local Fruits do not pass these processes, they are free of irradiation


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