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Dragon Fruit Red

Dragon Fruit Red

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Red Dragon Fruit from Ecuador - Non-Irradiated Harvest

Indulge in the exotic allure of Red Dragon Fruit sourced directly from the fertile lands of Ecuador. Known for its striking appearance and delightful flavor profile, our Red Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis) is meticulously harvested at peak ripeness, ensuring optimal sweetness and freshness.

Key Features:

  • Origin: Ecuador
  • Variety: Hylocereus costaricensis (Red Dragon Fruit)
  • Flavor Profile: Subtly sweet with refreshing undertones
  • Appearance: Vibrant red skin with succulent white flesh dotted with edible seeds
  • Harvest Method: Carefully handpicked to maintain fruit integrity
  • Processing: Non-irradiated to preserve natural taste and nutrients
  • Packaging: Securely packaged to retain freshness during transit

Our Red Dragon Fruit is perfect for enjoying fresh, blending into smoothies, topping salads, or creating visually stunning dishes. With each bite, experience a burst of tropical goodness straight from Ecuador's lush orchards.

At, we prioritize quality and sustainability, ensuring that every Red Dragon Fruit you receive is a testament to Ecuador’s rich agricultural heritage. Elevate your culinary creations with the vibrant flavors and natural goodness of our non-irradiated Red Dragon Fruit today.

Explore our selection and discover why our customers rave about the premium quality and exceptional taste of our Ecuadorian Red Dragon Fruit. Order now and bring a taste of the tropics to your doorstep!

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