Green Birds Eco

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Trogòn Enmascarado (Red Fruit) Mix of red tea with hibiscus flower, stevia, blueberry, blackberry and strawberry.
Ermitaño Verde (Brown Fruit) Mix of black tea with cocoa, cinamon, nutmeg, coconut and pineapple.
Zafiro Coroniazul (Sapphire Fruit) Mix of green tea with moringa, ginger and soursop.
Chillón Verde (Slim Fruit) Mix of green tea with peppermint and grape.
Tangara Multicolor Mix of green tea with passion fruit, stevia, mango, pineapple and cape gooseberry.
Tucán Esmeralda Mix of green tea with ginger, apple and orange.

INDICATIONS Dried fruit infusions provide our body that with dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, are present in fruits. Mind besides being a delicious snack, improves improves our daily mood.

PREPARATION MODE Add hot water, add the fruit and then the tea bag, wait 7 minutes stir, drink and eat.