Lulo or Naranjilla 5 Pounds

6.0 lb
$40.00 $45.00
The Naranjillas or Lolo grow in the Andes mountain system.

They are fruits that like a bit of shade and forest for themselves of Amazonian origin.

Now you can enjoy a fresh fruit without having to think again about looking for pulps or frozen fruits.

From now on we are including fresh naranjilla in our fruits and we will have them in 3 and 5 pound presentations.

Can be used to make juices or just spoon-feed.

Has diuretic properties
Increases quantity and quality of hair and nail formation
Strengthens bones
Lowers bad cholesterol
Facilitates uric acid elimination
Strengthens defenses
Helps to improve nervous diseases

In general, the article says that Lulo is a very good source of iron, phosphorus, vitamin "A", vitamin "B", vitamin "C", calcium, potassium, fiber, unprocessed sugars, fats and proteins, which makes It not only has nutritional but also healing properties, since it can be used to help in the treatment of localized diseases in the gums, toothache, scurvy and many others.

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