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Subscription. Cauca Colombian Special 16 Oz

Subscription. Cauca Colombian Special 16 Oz

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The coffee area in Cauca, is located at 1700 M.A.S.L. In the plateau the climate is very homogenous and ideal conditions are presented to cultivate and produce one of the most outstanding coffees of the south of Colombia.


The formation of soils comes from volcanic ash in its majority and the environmental conditions are an interaction of factors associated with the climate of the volcanoes of Sotará and Puracé.


Arabigo coffee grown in Cauca is known for its sweet character and predominant acidity, in addition to the fragrance and strong aroma with caramel tones.


It is noteworthy that it is produced by small coffee growers committed to the quality and sustainability processes of the region.



Acidity Medium high. 

Aroma Caramel. 

Aroma Fruits.

Body Medium.

Flavor Delicate.

Flavor Persistent.

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