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We offer you a wide range of products so that you have a rest room with an espresso that will inspire your day with an artisanal coffee, locally roasted in an artisanal way, in addition to hot chocolate and a selection of fine teas.


We are Roasters and Producers.


This feature allows us to provide you with the best fresh coffee in every order you make.

We make sure to select the best varieties and lots of coffee that we process in an artisanal way to guarantee the quality of the coffee that the growers produced with love and dedication and especially with social and environmental responsibility.


We have Fair Trade certification and 100% Colombian Coffee.


All-inclusive services.

Together with your coffee, you can choose the coffee maker and / or espresso machine that suits your workplace.

Choose from a variety of sweeteners and creams that include alternatives to dairy-free milk, cups, lids, sticks and other coffee supplies and office pantry.



Delivery, stocking of office coffee supplies, and equipment maintenance are included with every order.

  • Cups, plates, utensils, and other paper products are available, with plenty of eco-friendly options
  • Wide variety of coffee creamers, milks and sweeteners, including natural options, and dairy-free alternatives.


Machines are maintained to ensure you get the best tasting coffee and tea for your office
BreakRoom & Restaurants Supplies Service

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